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Pompey Puddleducks is already a large club and it's constantly growing, which means the responsibility of things like events, membership details and our famous club magazine are given to individual members of our club, these members are elected (voluntarily of course!) each year and make up our 'Committee'. We have a number of positions in the club and here is a list of each of our committee members and a description of what they do.  


Joint Chairmanship: Sean and Fran Cullen


Membership Secretary and Editor: Peter Mitchell
Treasurer and Club Shop: Gillian Mitchell

Peter and Gillian are two of the longest running members of the club, as they were two of the founding members all those years ago. Peter is the club's editor and as such edits and publishes the club's very own magazine 'Splash'. Gillian is in charge of both the club shop selling 2CV and club related items like mugs, t-shirts, stickers etc... She is also the treasurer of our club and oversees the accounts, keeping an exact record of money coming in and out of the club.

In the picture you can see Peter and Gillian with 'Pepe', Gillian's 2CV. Peter also has a multicoloured 2CV called 'Tintin', along with his very early split screen H van called 'Le Fourgon Francais'. Together they form a vital role in the club and put great effort into many of the club's other activities, helping to arrange many events like our annual Valentine's Day convoy and summer camp.


Events co-ordinator: Pam Kennea
Pam is the events co-ordinator and helps to organize the many events we take part in, from long established outings to some rather spontaneous events. Here you can see Pam with her car 'Francesca'. She and her husband Pete have been members for 9 years and can be seen at many events whether with Francesca or in Pete's red and white Dolly 'Poppy'.

As the events coordinator Pam organizes most of our events, arranging meeting times, convoys, tickets etc... and plays a crucial role in the club, allowing us to get our 2CVs out and about as often as possible and making ownership that more enjoyable.

As well as our committee we have many well known and popular members of our club, here we have a few pictures of some of our members:


Ann-Marie Burdett
Ann-Marie was our founder member, but subsequently moved away and now lives on a barge with her husband, Dave. They paid a return visit to our 2018 Bastille meeting when they were staying close by.



Colin Jenkins (Past Membership Secretary)
This is Colin and his beloved Mehari.


Wendy Griffiths (Past Chairwoman)
Wendy has been a member of our club for 12 years now and was elected as chairwoman on three separate occasions over the last 7 years. As chairwoman she simply directed things and delegated to the other committee members - she came up with ideas and they implement them! 

Wendy can be seen here with her 2CV 'Kermit', which she bought from her brother in 1994. She has since become a firm member within the club, and in her own words "I love the company, the atmosphere of the meetings (except when I am heckled!!) and the general camaraderie. It is always very daunting for new members joining the club, but they always say to me how they are instantly included and there are no cliques. The Club should be very proud of itself".


Keith Curtis (Past Membership Secretary)
Keith has been in our club since 1999 and can be seen driving his beloved Dolly who as yet remains nameless?


Elaine and Steve
Elaine has been part of the club since it began and has had several 2CVs over the years. Here she can be seen with 'Ruby', along with her husband Steve. Sadly, Elaine no longer owns a 2CV, but she remains a very popular member of the club and always brings a sparkle to any of the events we hold, not least with her unmissable bright pink picnic hamper which other clubs members love to raid when she's not looking!


Max Hyde & Annie Griffiths
Max has been a member for many years now and can be seen here with just one of his very unique collection of cars, one of his home-made specials named the 'MK2'. Believe it or not under it's shiny aluminium body lies a bog standard red 2CV! He also has in his collection two 2CV vans and an H van, all affectionately named after characters from the Muppets.

Annie and her husband Geoff have been members since 2003. In the picture you can see Annie in her 2CV 'Nobby' enjoying some sun whilst at a 2CV event in France. She has always liked 2CVs along with Fiat Panda's (why?) and plucked up the courage to buy one after their Daihatzu was written off in an accident. Since then their collection of 2CVs has grown to include both 'Splodge' a red Club, and 'Charlie' a cream and red 2CV.